Feed Formulation
Feed formulation

Staying ahead of the competition requires smart feed formulation. How do you create the best quality and lowest cost recipes – under any conditions and at any time? BESTMIX provides the answer. This user-friendly software makes it easy to manage accurate nutritional values, production parameters and recipe specifications. You can adapt instantly to volatile material costs, ingredient stocks and purchasing positions. The results are perfect recipes that can be translated directly into practical products and synchronized automatically with labelling and safety data.

Optimize your feed formulation

Developed and maintained by Adifo consultants, the BESTMIX products provide nutritionists with the ideal tool to increase efficiency and minimize costs. By listening to our customers and keeping up with the industry changes in expectations and regulations we are providing the most up to date feed formulation solution. Because of Adifo’s effort to keep our software up to date our clients are ensured they meet the highest standards in feed formulation, management of resources and legislation requirements. This means they have more time to focus on their core business and have the peace of mind their feed formulation will meet the latest needs.

Want the least cost feed formulation, no matter how challenging the requirements? Get BESTMIX. The smartest way to beat the competition.

Specific software solutions for the feed industry


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