Agricultural Chemicals

Adifo has created several BESTMIX modules and functionalities that streamline the organisation of premix producers, like multilevel optimization, labeling and safety data sheets management.

Optimize your premixes

  • Update premix ingredients based upon finished products, both for nutritional values and prices.
  • Define an inclusion rate for premixes and optimize with nutrient constraints at premix or end product level
  • Define and declare the carrier for the premix
  • Print the product specification with the premix-based or end product-based nutrient values.

Multilevel optimization

Multilevel compounds are used to optimize a main compound with included subcompounds at multiple levels. They are especially useful for custom-made or standard concentrate calculations used by premix and petfood companies.

  • Include subcompounds in another compound, at different levels
  • Set inclusion restrictions on the subcompounds
  • Set restrictions on the individual ingredients of each subcompound
  • Access a consolidated result (result seen through the whole of individual ingredients)

Rounding actions (create product, send to production, save as ingredients, create labels, ... ) can be done at all individual subcompound levels and/or at main compound level at the same time.

Easy generation and management of Safety Data Sheets

Guaranteed CLP & GHS compliance

The new CLP / GHS module allows users to check the classification requirements in real-time during formulation. Users can easily keep track of the changes in classification as they add and reduce ingredients. The integration of classification requirements together with BESTMIX enables users to create mixtures knowing their labeling will comply with the industry’s legal requirements. The complete integration of constantly updated regulation requirements on top of BESTMIX allows users to quickly generate correct safety data sheets in any language within a single process.

Adifo’s CLP/GHS classification module is powered by ExESS, by Lisam.