Aquafeed formulation managers have an increasingly strategic role to play in highly competitive and growing markets. Volatility of ingredients, sustainability and the search for alternative protein sources are just some of the parameters that have to be dealt with.

Optimal nutritional and physical quality

Profit-driven feed formulation - Smart lab data management

BESTMIX offers tools to simplify the formulation with alternative protein sources, to analyze their real value and to combine them with enzymes.

Crucial in aquafeed production is physical quality. With BESTMIX, the aquafeed can be formulated to a certain moisture content and / or optimal density. The formula can be broken down in multiple subformulas as to achieve optimally pelleted and extruded aquafeed. With the BESTMIX lab data management software, pellets can be tested and sample data can be transformed into valuable information for the formulation.

Improve efficiency and sustainability with on farm formulation

Cloud-based ration calculation - Smart lab data management

On farm formulation and mixing offers a wide range of advantages. The logistic and storage costs and challenges are ruled out. Flexibility, sustainability and efficiency are increased. Adifo’s cloud-based Formulation as a Service tool now makes it possible to mix aquafeed premixes with local ingredients, having a direct link with the central aquafeed company’s nutritionists for nutritional support. With Adifo’s quality management software, the quality of the local ingredient can be registered and the formulation systems can be updated as to ensure optimal formulation and guaranteed quality at the end of the line.