Feed industry professionals have an increasingly strategic role to play in a highly competitive market. The aim remains to formulate recipes at the best quality and the lowest cost, despite the volatility of ingredient quality and prices and the constant tightening of regulations. Feed industry professionals have to deal with these factors at all levels of the organisation and in all steps of the feed industry value chain.

In this challenging context, the support of a dedicated feed industry software partner is vital: to automate your process, to streamline your information flow, and to unlock the potential of your global company data.

Our solutions for the Feed industry

Adifo supports feed industry professionals in formulating recipes at best quality and lowest cost, in giving the best raton advice to customers and in managing their logistics and financials in the most efficient way.

Deliver the best quality at lowest cost

Profit-driven feed formulation - Smart lab data management

Developed and maintained by Adifo consultants, the BESTMIX product range is used in over 500 feed mills worldwide for optimal feed formulation, least-cost optimisation, quality data management, product development, raw material management, multiblend, ingredient allocation, advanced labeling, bulk blending,… It gives users full control of their formulation requirements, enabling easy management of accurate nutritional values, production parameters and recipe specifications.

Gain customers by giving expert advice

Easy MultiModel - MultiSpecies ration calculation

Is it your job to improve the production outcome of your customers? Translate topnotch knowledge into tailor-made client advice with the BESTMIX ration calculator: Adifo’s tool to determine perfectly balanced rations at the lowest cost for each individual species in all its production stages (weight gain at a certain body weight or milk production in a certain lactation period, etc.). Adifo’s cloud-based Formulation as a Service tool now enables to combine feed formulation and raton calculation in one MultiModel - MultiSpecies tool. Use an industry-standard model (like CNCPS, NRC, Feed into Milk...), create your own model or switch between the different models for each client or project. Inform your customers and co-workers quickly and safely via the cloud.

Make your workflows efficient

Feed sector-specific logistics and financials

Streamline your purchasing, warehousing, sales and invoices processes with an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that is tailored to the agriculture, feed and food industries and that allows you to make better decisions with fewer risks. MILAS, powered by Microsoft Dynamics AX offers feed sector-specific workflows and customized functions, like contract management, raw material availability monitors, procurement management, animal and livestock management, commodity trade and risk management, E-commerce, etc.

  • Feed sector-specific logistics and financials
  • Feed sector-specific logistics and financials
  • Feed sector-specific logistics and financials