The process of new product development (NDP) in food industries has changed drastically in recent years. Today's food markets are impatient for new product launches and improved recipes. R&D departments, QA units and product managers are under constant pressure to deliver new products that meet the tights requirements and price expectations of the market. This means continually finding ways to shorten the tim-to-market cycle, selecting cost-effective ingredients and maintaining a highly reliable reputation.

Unfortunately, simple add-ons to your ERP system cannot provide the necessary flexibility and power to do this. And manually updated spreadsheets or small software applications spread around your company do not give you full control of the data or the development process.

Over the years Adifo has developed several food industry-specific software tools to help your business meet the challenges put forward by your industry. 

Our solutions for the Food industry

Creating innovative and competitive products with the necessary quality guarantees and correct labels are the main challenges for food producing companies. Adifo’s sofltware solutions for the food industry:
BESTMIX Recipe Management and BESTMIX Quality Data Management supports food producers through each stage of the development process.

Create innovative and competitive products

Support from first concept to final specifications

The faster you create and evaluate your prototypes against market requirements, the faster you develop the most relevant and consumer-oriented products. That’s why your team needs a fast and interactive software environment that supports you throughout the entire product development process. BESTMIX recipe management makes prototyping fast and interactive.

• Calculate all variables from the start
• Fine-tune your bill of material
• Formulate at the lowest cost
• Increase your team’s efficiency by automatically generating correct product specifications in all required formats
• Automate your declaration
• Gain time with predefined templates
• Get started quickly with a user-friendly interface
• Secure your knowledge in a central database

Save time and money through decent quality control

Easy ingredient matrix updates

BESTMIX LIMS links your R&D process with your quality control measurements. It is an intelligent platform for collecting quality data and a tool for transforming data into real value, completely tailored to the specific needs of nutrition-related industries. It enables you to respond to the ever-growing requirements of quality control, risk management, certifications and legislation, without having to implement a complex and fully-fledged LIMS system.

Easily comply with EU Legislation 1169/2011

As a branch partner, Adifo believes it’s important to keep our software up to date with the most recent trends and legislation. This way our clients can focus on what they do best and we take care of keeping up with new legislation. BESTMIX software has been optimized to generate the declaration data as required in legislation 1169/2011.

  • Easily comply with EU Legislation
  • Easily comply with EU Legislation
  • Easily comply with EU Legislation