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The pet food industry has a unique production and product development process. Organisations have to manage and generate complicated bills of material, meet nutritional requirements and marketing claims whilst securing a maximum profit. As a nutrition industry specialist Adifo has created the BESTMIX software to support pet food producing companies all over the world.

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Optimizing the purchasing of raw materials

optimizing the purchasing of raw materials in pet food

To support pet food organisations in their raw material purchasing decisions Adifo has created BESTMIX Formulation. This user-friendly software helps you in correctly analysing which raw materials you should buy when, where and at what price. The BESTMIX Multiblend module allows users to control and evaluate the usage of raw materials over time, based on expected sales of the organisations' different pet food formulas. BESTMIX also optimises the allocation of purchased raw materials to the different production facilities. This information allows pet food organisations to quickly and correctly react to market fluctuations and helps them to determine when to purchase the right quantities of raw materials at the right time. 

Producing at the lowest cost

producing pet food at the lowest cost

Managing complex bills of material, meeting nutritional requirements and marketing claims whilst securing maximum profits are some of the many challenges pet food organisations face everyday. The powerful BESTMIX software enables users to easily generate this critical info and boost their business. The software allows users to easily reflect the different production steps by breaking down the master recipe into sub recipes. This way, every sub recipe can be processed individually during production. Furthermore, moisture loss (caused by extrusion) can be taken into account during the optimization of recipes. This way you can accurately produce the nutritional quality that is mentioned on the label: nothing more and nothing less.

Creating compliant declaration

creating compliant declaration in pet food

Creating innovative and compelling pet food is one thing, complying with the declaration is another:

As in human food, marketing claims (such as non-GMO, no grain, etc.)  have become standard practice on pet food declarations. The nutritional info is key in your communication with the pet owner and is highly regulated to guarantee the protection of their pets. This poses an extra challenge for pet food producers. Packaging is printed on a large scale so it is essential the pet food matches the claims on the declaration. Therefore, the labelling functionality in BESTMIX Formulation allows users to assess compliance to regulations and claims from early on in the product development process. The product datasheets (including appropriate feeding guidelines) are then generated in a controlled way,  based on pre-defined user templates.

Delivering high quality pet food

delivering high quality pet food

To guarantee the quality of your pet food it is essential to monitor the quality of your incoming materials. Only by continuously measuring the fluctuating quality of critical raw materials can you accurately formulate the different recipes. The results are products that comply with the promise you've made to your customer.

Through the use of BESTMIX smart sample management users can easily monitor the quality of your raw materials and end products. This powerful tool interactively transfers all of this data to your formulation system at the click of a button.

Moreover, the BESTMIX software also integrates smoothly with your ERP-software, NIR instruments and service laboratories.

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