BESTMIX Ration calculation as a Service

Farmer-specific advice for precision feeding

To be able to provide an optimal service to your customers you need to provide them with an answer to their question as quickly as possible. Next to the core BESTMIX applications, Adifo has developed the cloud-based solution “BESTMIX as a Service”. This award-winning tool allows companies to safely and quickly provide their customers and employees with the information they require.

BESTMIX as a Service offers 2 cloud-based solutions: 

Ration calculation in the cloud

The consequences of changing weather conditions, unstable raw material stocks and increasing feed cost compounded with stagnant meat and milk prices make for tighter and tighter margins that challenge animal production profitability. Needless to say, reducing feed cost by more precise feeding is needed now more than ever. Helping your customers in doing just that is what makes BESTMIX Ration calculation as a Service the ideal tool for you to excel in customer service.

If it's your job to improve the production outcome of your customers by translating your company's knowhow into personalised client advice BESTMIX Ration calculation as a Service is just what you need. Adifo's cloud-based tool determines perfectly balanced rations at the lowest cost for each individual animal in all its production stages (weight gain at a certain body weight or milk production in a certain lactation period, etc.). 

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Unique about BESTMIX Ration calculation as a Service is that it enables ration calculation for ALL animal types. Moreover, it can handle ALL animal models (such as NRC, CNCPS, …). The software also allows to include homegrown materials easily and effortlessly as the optimisation algorithms combine external feed-related information from your R&D department, research institutes and labs with livestock data from the farmer.

Watch these videos to learn all about BESTMIX Formulation as a Service

The key benefits of BESTMIX Ration calculation as a Service:

  • Multiple animal types
  • All models (NRC, CNCPS, ...)
  • Create-your-own-model
  • More than 10 available languages
  • Ration calculation in the cloud
  • Ration calculation in the cloud
  • Ration calculation in the cloud