To allow our users to get the best out of our solutions, Adifo has launched a new customer service portal. This portal is the place to visit if you want to know more about the functionality or technical implementation of BESTMIX, Dynamics AX, MILAS AX, …

To access our customer service portal please click on the button below.

Adifo Customer Portal

What does this new customer portal offer?

First and all, the portal serves as the way to interact with our helpdesk and consultant organization. Whether you have a question about our software, want some technical explanation, report a bug or launch a service request, it is all done through a very user friendly website that guides you in every step of the process. You can even ask questions to sales or administration. The system will be constantly monitored by our project team, making sure that we can track your questions and provide answers swiftly. We have analytics in place to ensure we're corresponding in a timely matter, whether it is according to our standard terms and conditions or whether it’s according to your specific SLA.

We also introduce a knowledge base. Technical and functional documentation, best practices, tips and tricks or even development examples on how to extend your BESTMIX solutions can be found in an easy to navigate part of the website. You can also use the search engine to find the information you want.

Community forums

As we strongly believe in partnering and stimulating partnerships, we will also launch community forums on specific topics (E.g. CLP, labelling, formulation, logistical excellence, etc.). These community forums will not only allow the customer to interface directly with Adifo consultants and developers, but we also strongly stimulate information exchange between customers, supply chain and technology partners. Communities will be public, but we're also offering private communities to discuss your business specific wishes.

More information on our new Customer Portal can be found in our infographic